The Giving Keys

Providing full-time jobs at the living wage in the city of Los Angeles to people transitioning out of homelessness.

With each job, they offer benefits, paid time-off for housing, education and case management appointments, and a supportive environment that cares for the whole person.


How it started

The Giving Keys was started in 2009 by Caitlin Crosby. After growing up with parents in the entertainment industry, she spent her time acting, singing and songwriting.

After getting signed to a record label she began LoveYourFlawz, an organization to help women that were dealing with body image issues. She said, “Once I got signed a lot of label heads wanted me to sing about parties, pop culture, fake ID’s, affairs, and subject matters that push the envelope. But I always wanted to write songs that would inspire this generation of girls to help change the world- so there was a lot of conflict and fighting in that season of my life.”

Caitlin released her debut album Flawz in 2009 and started touring in the US. While staying at a hotel in New York City she was given a real key to her room. Inspired by the uniqueness of the key and in efforts not to lose it she began to wear it on a chain around her neck. One day while at the locksmith she had the idea to stamp Love Your Flawz on the key to wear as a reminder. She then had a bunch of keys stamped with inspring messages on them and began selling them at her shows.

One day when walking down Hollywood Boulevard she saw a couple named Cera and Rob sitting under an umbrella holding a sign that read, “Ugly, Broke & Hungry.” Caitlin invited them to dinner with her and found out that Cera made jewelry. And this is when the first Giving Keys engravers were born.

Little by little, Cera and Rob saved up enough money to move into a hotel room and then into an apartment. Fast forward to today where Rob and Cera have moved on to pursue careers in Seattle and San Diego.

Since 2009, The Giving Key have continued to grow tremendously and are repped by celebrities worldwide. To date they have provided jobs for 130+ people transitioning out of homelessness!

Meet Micheal:

An engraver at The Giving Keys