SA Voix

Sa voix means her voice and they exist to help young women in Haiti find their voice through the arts. They were founded on the core principle, “when given the permission to be heard, we gain the power to grow.” 

Sa voix employs young women aged 19-27 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to create their unique and one-of-a-kind hand marbled leather pieces. Not only do they ensure the women are paid a fair wage, they also provide opportunities for them to finish high school and/or complete a trade school program. They believe in supporting them holistically and giving them a space in which they can grow so that they can continue to positively impact their own community. 

All their leather is vegetable dyed, meaning there were no harmful chemicals used in the tanning process, and they source all their leather locally in Haiti. They use an ancient marbling process by which they float color on water or a viscose solution called size and then transfer the color to the absorbent leather. The pieces are then finished and sewn by hand by the ladies, with love and care.

Every one of their pieces is unique- just like you!