Krochet kids

Krochet Kids was the first ethical brand that The Sol Company co-founders, Carolyn & Monica, were introduced to. They loved the idea of having their clothing signed by the person that made it, being able to go online and “meet” the artisan and to send them a quick thank-you note. All of these things along with the fact that the women were being paid fairly and treated well made these pieces of clothing some of their favourites.

Krochet Kids was started in 2007 by three college students, Khol, Travis and Stew, from Washington State who loved to crochet and had a desire to help.

During their summer breaks in college, they volunteered in various developing nations, hoping to gain a better understanding of the global community in which we live.  It wasn’t long before they came to realize how blessed they had been growing up and the desire was planted within them to help.  To reach out in love.  To make a difference. 

It was around this time that an idea was born.  One which involved a familiar trade, crocheting.  Friends and family encouraged them to teach people in developing countries how to crochet as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty.  At first,  Kohl, CEO and Co-Founder, thought the world needed something more drastic than crochet, something much more profound.  That was until Stewart returned home after a summer spent in Uganda. Stew told them about people that had been living in government camps for over 20 years due to a rebel army that had ravaged the north part of the country.  Entire generations grew up only knowing the camp and relying solely on the government and aid organizations for their every need.  They were sick and tired of being dependent upon these operating bodies and they wanted to work and provide for their own families.

It was then that they realized the simplicity of crocheting to be its most profound quality.  With hook and yarn people could make amazing products.  Being paid a fair wage to do so would allow for them, for the first time, to provide for their families and begin planning for the future.  By teaching these people to crochet, they would be empowering them to rise above poverty.  They decided right then to do exactly that. 

The following summer, the three boys found themselves sitting in a simple brick hut with a group of Ugandan women and bags full of yarn, watching them nearly master crocheting right before their eyes.

Krochet Kids has now expanded from selling only crocheted hats to selling scarves, mittens, clothing and bags and they now work with women in Uganda, Peru and India.

To read more about the woman that made your product, click here and type in her name. Send her a thank-you note to let her know how much you appreciate her work and that you are rooting her on.