Jess and Brandon, Co-Founders and CEOs of Elevate, have beautifully interwoven their love for the world and it’s people into a social non-profit, Elevate, helping to create sustainable job solutions for people around the world. 

People are their heartbeat. They seek to understand the unique and defining cultural characteristics of each community they work with so they can help them be the most successful in their business initiatives. 

They believe that nationals training nationals is the most effective form of teaching for long-term impact. By eliminating cultural barriers and creating a collaborative strategy that reinforces national ownership, they establish mentorships with local community members that are fit for leadership.

Once community leaders receive their training, they then teach business training in their own language to a local group of men and women who will complete the training over the course of six months to a year. 

After each participant has successfully met the business training requirements, upon evaluation they will have the option to accept a low interest loan from Elevate. Once the small loan has been paid back, the loan will remain in the community for continued business initiatives and job creation. 

All of their leather products are enabling artisans to unleash their human potential into their community through business initiative. Each leather product is hand cut and assembled with beautiful craftsmanship. All of the craftsmen are paid living wages, and have a safe and empowering work environment. In addition to that, individuals in the company are using their own wages to help others in their community start their own small businesses. Opportunities are powerful!

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