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The Sol Company was co-founded by a mother-daughter duo in rural Newfoundland. Our journey began in 2014 when we started doing global missions work at our local church. This is when all of our past ideas about helping people in need completely changed and we quickly fell in love with helping others rise above poverty through sustainable development models. As we experienced poverty first hand on our first trip to Honduras in 2015 we fully understood that people did not need, nor want, a hand out but instead a solution that would help them to help themselves.

We know that a market for beautiful products will always exist and this is why we think ethical business is such a key part to ending global poverty. Treating workers fairly and paying employees a fair wage has a profound impact on breaking the cycle of poverty. The more we realized that our purchases could help change lives, the more we looked for ethically made products. Almost always our search led us out of the country and ordering meant big costs for shipping, duty, and exchange rates. We knew we weren’t the only Canadians searching for beautiful ethically made products so we had the idea of opening our own store. This led us on a long journey in which we eventually created The Sol Company. Sol means sunshine in spanish, one of our favourite languages. We chose this name not only because we love every second of the rare sunny days we get in Newfoundland, but because all of the people we’ve encountered on our travels overseas have radiated sunshine even though their circumstances are nowhere near perfect. Our goal is to help send a little sunshine your way when you purchase from The Sol Company, and to also send some sunshine to those who are living in poverty.

We also love supporting charities that are doing sustainable work to help those in need. We think it isn’t enough to just create a way for people to shop ethically. We give a portion of the profits back to organizations that are also fighting to end global poverty because we believe we can do more together.  With each purchase from The Sol Company,  you are also helping one of our favourite organizations have a lasting impact on families and communities. Read more about the charity we are currently supporting here!

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